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Are Caregiver Deductions Limited to Just Relatives?

Are Caregiver Deductions Limited to Just Relatives?

Being a family caregiver doesn’t always mean taking care of a senior parent, although that is often what it is associated with. There are some unique cases where family caregivers have to deal with non-relatives.

With the tax season underway, you might be wondering, “Are caregiver deductions limited to just relatives?” After all, you are still paying for your senior loved ones’ expenses out of pocket.

The IRS says ‘No, it isn’t limited to relatives.’ However, there are different criteria to follow.

In conjunction with meeting the gross income and support tests, non-relatives also need to live with the caregiver for the entire year to qualify as a dependent on their tax return. Temporary absences are allowed (e.g., a hospital stay or period in a rehab center) so long as the senior is expected to return to the caregiver’s home.

As a trusted home care agency in Southfield, Michigan, we do whatever we can to make professional care and assistance available to all our clients. We understand that not many family caregivers are aware of the tax aspect of caregiving; thus, we at Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC hope this article helps them get a clearer idea of the topic.

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