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Expert Tips for Navigating Seniors Who Are Picky Eaters 


A nutritious diet is essential for everyone, regardless of age. However, convincing seniors to eat a healthy diet can be difficult. While some elderly people are simply fussy eaters, there may come a moment when your elderly loved one’s refusal to eat crosses the line and becomes a significant problem.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC provides some pointers to help them eat nutritious foods willingly and pleasantly!

  • Search for Physical Health Issues

    Look for evident indicators of a painful health problem and consider taking your loved one to a doctor if you can’t figure out what’s wrong.

  • Meal Preparation

    Try arranging meals ahead of time and including them. You can even have them help you so they feel independent and proud to eat what they have prepared.

  • Try Serving Meals at Different Times

    Determine what time of day your loved one enjoys eating. Then plan to include additional nutrition during that meal to get the most out of each bite.

    We can assist you if you are the primary family caregiver for an older loved one and require additional support providing high-quality home care services in Oakland County, Michigan.

  • Get Social

    Seniors who eat alone may experience loneliness, which might lower a senior’s appetite. Companionship at meals can provide a two-fold benefit: they can mingle with others while still eating a nutritious meal.

Our home care agency in Southfield, Michigan promotes and supports good eating habits and food choices for our senior clients. We offer a range of nutritional meals to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

To learn more about our high-quality personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan, call 248-262-7111 today.


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