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In Home Elderly Care Assistance in Oakland County, Michigan

Elderly Care: Recovering After a Stroke

A stroke is a kind of brain injury. Symptoms may differ depending on the part of the brain that is affected. Seniors who survive a stroke often have trouble with moving, talking, or thinking. In-Home Private Duty Care in Southfield, Michigan can assist stroke survivors with their daily living needs. A stroke may be frightening … Continue reading

Posted in Elderly Care

Pressure Sores: Causes and Prevention

Healthy skin can protect the elderly from bacteria and foreign objects. In addition, it also lessens the elderly’s susceptibility to infections. Even with the best Heave Sent Home Support Services, the elderly may experience bedsores or pressure sores which can occur with even short periods in a wheelchair or bed. Causes Pressure sores occur on … Continue reading

Posted in Pressure Sores

Ways to Help Aging Parents Feel Less Lonely at Home

Aging in place is a preferable choice for many seniors because of comfort and familiarity. But, when the children become adults and have families of their own, aging parents tend to live alone at home. They may receive in-home private duty care in Southfield, Michigan to manage their health conditions. But, there are also things … Continue reading

Posted in Senior Care

Home Care: Building a Strong Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Many seniors want to spend their aging years in their own homes, not in an institutionalized facility. To address the difficulties they experience due to aging, many families consider home care services in Oakland County, Michigan. However, some older adults may feel awkward about receiving personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan from someone else, … Continue reading

Posted in Home Care