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Why Choose Us

Home Support Services in Southfield, MI

Why Choose Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC

  • Heaven Sent Home Support Services, make it a point that the care is rendered based on the unique needs of the client, they can focus only on the needs of you or your loved ones; as opposed to senior care facilities, where your parents will have to fight for the attention of the caregivers because there are a number of residents assigned to one caregiver.
  • A professional relationship exists only between your aging parents and the caregiver. It allows them to build up a rapport and a more personal connection which can enhance the delivery and outcome of care.
  • Aging in place
  • Heaven Sent Home Support Services, allows your aging parents to live in a place where they are truly familiar and that is their home. You don’t want to have to uproot your parents from their homes and place them in a facility where they need major adjustments to the unfamiliar surroundings and people. With Heaven Sent Home Support Services, they only adjust to the presence of the caregiver assigned to them. That way they’ll live in true comfort while still being surrounded by the people they love.
  • Promotes independence
  • The number one reason why most seniors don’t want to be placed in a senior care facility is that they are afraid to totally lose their independence. Thankfully, Heaven Sent Home Support Services, has become a fast growing and popular option for seniors and their families. We are a solution that is less restrictive because in most cases, your senior loved ones are still at home and can still do the activities they are accustomed to do. This means that manipulating their immediate environment is all theirs for the taking, and whenever they have difficulties in doing certain tasks, the caregiver would step in and provide the needed assistance.
  • An affordable choice up to 70% cheaper than senior care facilities with no contract.
    Home care allows you to determine the type of care necessary and the time when it is needed. You get more savings from home care than choosing a senior care facility. In fact, when you look at the different home care facilities available, you can select which one has the best rates and those which do not tie you up to a contract.

These are some of the benefits you get when you choose Heaven Sent Home Support Services for your aging loved one. Through home care services, you also avoid experiencing caregiver burnout because someone can step in your shoes when you have too many loads already placed at your back.