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Misconceptions About Seniors’ Mental Health


Unfortunately, only a few realize seniors are more prone to mental health conditions. As family members, seeking home care services in Oakland County, Michigan, is one the best things you can do for your senior loved ones who are having a hard time living doing their daily living activities due to their mental health condition.

And because mental health is often more talked about among the younger age groups, misconceptions about seniors’ mental health continue to rise. Most common myths surrounding senior mental health should be debunked.

Myth: Depression is a normal part of aging.

Truth: Contrary to popular belief, depression is not normal for aging. Depression among older adults is a severe mental health concern commonly caused by their health condition and other factors.

Myth: Seniors do not struggle with anxiety.

Truth: According to reports, up to 27 percent of seniors report anxiety symptoms. Some seniors suffering from anxiety may also find it challenging to do personal care tasks. That is why if you have a senior parent who has this kind of situation, it is always best to get personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan, so they can receive assistance and care anytime they need a helping hand.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC is your trusted home care agency in Southfield, Michigan. From personal care, primary care, respite care, companionship care, and 24-hour care services, we can provide it for you.

You can rely on us to provide exceptional senior care services. Call us now to avail of our services.

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