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Pressure Sores: Causes and Prevention

Pressure Sores: Causes and Prevention

Healthy skin can protect the elderly from bacteria and foreign objects. In addition, it also lessens the elderly’s susceptibility to infections. Even with the best Heave Sent Home Support Services, the elderly may experience bedsores or pressure sores which can occur with even short periods in a wheelchair or bed.

Pressure sores occur on the skin that becomes irritated because of lack of movement, reduced blood flow, and reduced or loss of sensation in the skin.

These types of sores are caused by:

  • Pressure on a bony area from lying or sitting in the same position for long periods;
  • Sitting or lying on hard objects, bruises, wet or moist skin after long periods, or the friction of sheets or clothing rubbing an area of skin;
  • Too much pressure on the skin when using oxygen or feeding tubes, around casts, drainage tubes, neck collars, or other medical devices.

Caregivers from home care services in Oakland County, Michigan should constantly check on the elderly for pressure sores could quickly become infected and result in serious medical complications.


  • Perform skin inspections and make it a routine. These help prevent pressure sores and reduce the chance of skin infections. If the elderly are confined to a bed or frequently in a wheelchair, check the skin at least twice a day.
  • Keep Moving. If the elderly are able, help them move around several times a day. Otherwise, make sure to change their position several times a day. If possible, caregivers from home care agency in Southfield, Michigan should assist the elderly to exercise.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC is the best in providing personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan to ensure safety and wellness to the elderly.

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