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Stay Happy and Active in Your Golden Years!


As you enter retirement, most of us will think about how it is the perfect time to sit back and take it easy after all the years of hard work that you’ve done. While it may be true that you deserve to relax as you age, you must also remember to take care of your physical health.

To ensure a high quality of life in your golden years, aging care is a must, and it requires you to live a healthy lifestyle—a life that balances a proper diet, enough sleep, and engaging in physical activities.

Being a provider of home care services in Oakland County, Michigan, we see what aging can do to people. That is why it is important to keep your body moving, as exercise not only strengthens your body but also helps release endorphins, chemicals in our brains that improve our mood. So, what exercises are excellent for seniors?

  • Chair exercises: these types of exercises improve strength and flexibility, lessening the risk of falling.
  • Tai chi and yoga: these two exercises alleviate anxiety and pain, or stiffness, in the joints.
  • Walking: seniors who walk for at least 10 minutes a day prevent health issues such as diabetes.

Here at our home care agency in Southfield, Michigan, we provide care like no other, as we will focus on your unique needs. With us, we assure you that you will stay safe and healthy.

From providing assistance with your meals to helping you dress, we promise to cover your everyday needs as you age through our personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan. Contact Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC so that you can stay happy and active in your golden years!


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