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Stretching Is Good for Older Adults

Stretching Is Good for Older Adults

Most people who love to exercise do some stretches first before they begin their workout routine. The same applies to older adults. However, they need to perform their exercise carefully so that they won’t strain their muscles and joints.

According to a consultant for Heave Sent Home Support Services, since seniors’ bodies are rather delicate compared to younger adults, they should be careful with how they move their bodies.

Stretching has its advantages for older grown-ups living at home. It can help them improve their balance and flexibility. When seniors do regular stretching, it may reduce the risk of falls, especially when they climb up and down the stairs at home. But, you or someone from a provider of home care services in Oakland County, Michigan still needs to supervise them for their safety.

If you and your senior family member aren’t sure what types of stretching are suitable, you can find a personal trainer. A personal trainer can assess your senior loved one’s body type and condition and recommend the type of stretching and exercises they can perform.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC is a home care agency in Southfield, Michigan that offers plenty of options for your loved ones who want to stay independent and comfortable at home.

For inquiries about our personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan, please contact us today.

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