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In Home Elderly Care Assistance in Oakland County, Michigan

How Can Respite Care Help You and Your Loved One?

When you are the sole care provider for an elderly loved one, it can no doubt become a challenge. Not only do you have to be there to ensure they are receiving the care they deserve, but you will also need to juggle other responsibilities, such as work. This is not an easy task to … Continue reading

Top 5 Grooming Habits Every Senior Should Establish

Good grooming habits are important indicators of better health and boost self-esteem. Seniors who are well-groomed point to the quality of care they are receiving, either from their family caregivers or from providers of in home care services in Oakland Counties, Michigan. Because of this, here are grooming habits that every senior should develop and … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Independence Made Easy

For many of us, maintaining our independence as we age can be a challenging task. We may no longer have the strength, the energy, or even many of the abilities that we need to get through the day on our own. This can cause us to slip into a sedentary lifestyle and can reduce our … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips on Medication Management That Can Be Giant Leaps for Your Seniors’ Health

Did you forget to take your medication again? That habit should not happen again. According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, non-adherence to your regular medication can result in unnecessary progression of illness, decreased quality of life, and even untimely fatality. As a provider of In home care services in Oakland Counties, … Continue reading