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The Best Food for Overall Brain Health

The Best Food for Overall Brain Health

Numerous factors contribute to brain health. For example, lifestyle factors such as your exercise habits and how much sleep you get per night can have a large impact on your brain health. But, that’s not all.

According to Eat Right, an initiative by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, your diet can also affect the way your brain functions.

We at Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC see eating for mental wellness as a crucial part of healthy aging. And as a certified home care agency in Southfield, Michigan, we always do our best to pass on this knowledge to our patients and their family members, to help improve their quality of life.

Today, allow us to share this list of 3 foods for overall brain health.

  1. Dark, leafy greens.
    Eating leafy greens can slow cognitive decline in aging adults with Alzheimer’s and can even reduce one’s chance of developing the disease at all. Consider adding more kale salads, or a side of spinach to your meals for the rest of the week.
  2. Berries.
    According to Eat Right, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids that contribute to increased brain function and memory.
  3. Fatty fish.
    Omega-3 fatty acids, especially docosahexaenoic acid – DHA – have a positive impact on the brain when consumed.

In-home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan can help your loved ones adjust their lifestyle and diet more easily than if they were to do it alone. With professional home care services in Oakland County, Michigan, they can get well-balanced meals and support from someone with experience in the field.

Need more details about our personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan? Contact us today!

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