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The Importance of Improving Mental Health in Seniors

The Importance of Improving Mental Health in Seniors

Mental health is just as important in one’s golden years. According to the World Health Organization, older adults with mental and neurological disorders account for 6.6% of the total disability for this age group, and an estimated 15% of seniors suffer from a mental disorder.

As the number of senior citizens grows each year, WHO sees that the number of people with mental disorders could rise, too. With that, it’s important to consider the mental and emotional well-being of seniors as they retire at home or in a care facility.

Depression in seniors typically occurs when they are faced with serious illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, dementia, and diabetes, among others. External stressors can also play a factor in a senior’s mental health, causing psychological stress and isolation, which may make them require long-term care from a mental health care provider and perhaps a home care agency in Southfield, Michigan.

Although other factors come into play when it comes to mental or behavioral disorders, having a reliable companion to not only tend to their basic care needs but also their emotional needs can improve their well-being.

If your senior loved one needs in-home private duty care in Southfield, Michigan, our caregivers at Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC can be of assistance.

Not only do we provide a wide range of home care services in Oakland County, Michigan, but we can also provide meaningful companionship to your loved one as they age at home. Our professionals can also accompany your senior loved one to their therapy sessions if they are getting individual or group counseling from an expert for their mental and emotional health.

We also provide personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan.

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