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Tips on How to Prevent Bed Sores


A bed sore is an open wound that forms on your skin when you’re lying or sitting in one place for too long. Bed sores are a common problem for bedridden patients. The longer you’re in one position, the more likely you are to develop bed sores.

If you’re at risk of developing bed sores, there’s no reason to panic. They can be prevented and treated with the right kind of care. Here are some tips that will help you prevent bed sores:

  • Change positions every two hours (or more often if possible).
  • Make sure your mattress is firm and comfortable.
  • Use pillows or cushions under your arms, knees, or hips to support your body weight.
  • Don’t stay in one position for too long (at least 30 minutes) before changing positions.
  • If necessary, use a special cushion or pad that protects areas where skin might rub against itself (e.g., hips).

In many cases, these ulcers can be prevented by making sure that the patient is given proper care from experienced caregivers.
Contact our Home Care Services in Oakland County, Michigan if you’re worried about the possibility of you or a loved one getting bed sores.
Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC can help you prevent bed sores from occurring by providing Personal Care Services in Wayne County, Michigan.
The goal of our Home Care Agency in Southfield, Michigan is to ensure that you or your loved one has access to the best possible care.
If you notice any open wounds or areas of redness on your loved one’s skin, please reach our In-Home Private Duty Care in Southfield, Michigan immediately so we can get started treating them right away.

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