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Tips on Improving the Elderly’s Appetite

Tips on Improving the Elderly’s Appetite

Loss of appetite is mostly a normal part of aging but doesn’t mean it’s to be neglected. If you are a senior going through this stage or are a caregiver of your elderly loved one, then take action to this problem. A Home Care Agency in Southfield, Michigan lists down the following ways to increase seniors’ appetite:

  • Create a routine.Keep in mind that eating at the same time every day trains the body and mind to stick to those schedules. Encourage your loved one to set an eating schedule and to conscientiously follow it.
  • Share a meal.Loss of appetite is sometimes a result of loneliness and depression. Eating with other people can lead to stimulating conversations, which makes meals feel more satisfying. This is one of the Home Care Services in Oakland County, Michigan—providing companionship and nutritious meal preparations.
  • Treat dry mouth.Dry mouth, often a side effect from taking certain medications, can affect appetite. This can be treated by rinsing the mouth, brushing teeth regularly, or chewing sugarless gum. A provider of Personal Care Services in Wayne County, Michigan can help with this.
  • Take appetite stimulants.Appetite stimulants are bought only with physician prescriptions as one medication may not work for others. If you are interested in this option, make sure to talk to your doctor first.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC a provider of In-Home Private Duty Care in Southfield, Michigan can help you and your loved ones deal with this problem.

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