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Tips on Reducing Clutters at Seniors’ Home

Tips on Reducing Clutters at Seniors’ Home

Most seniors feel the effects of limited mobility, which is why they spend more time inside their homes. Regarding their safety, falling is just one of the accidents most seniors need to be vigilant of. A cluttered home plays a big factor and so it emphasizes how important it is to declutter their homes for fall-prevention. Follow these tips from a home care agency in Southfield, Michigan:

  • Lighten up
    Inadequate lighting contributes to the risks of falls. Check your loved ones’ lighting at home. A provider of home care services in Oakland County, Michigan recommends that you illuminate door walkways, especially to the restrooms using glow in the dark stickers or lights with accessible switch. Remove lighting electrical cords and other items that get in the way as well.
  • Get rid of furniture on the way
    Arrange furniture keeping safety in mind. You might have to remove any of it that gets in the way, too low, or the same color as the wall and with the help of in home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan.
  • Remove obstacles in the path
    Get rid of anything that your senior loved one can bump into, especially if they’re near entryways. Get your needed help from a care team providing personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan.

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC offers in-home private duty care in Southfield, Michigan for you and your loved ones.

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