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Tips to Prevent Falling Accidents at Home

Tips to Prevent Falling Accidents at Home

Preventing fall accidents at home is one way of keeping seniors safe. Your elderly loved ones are susceptible to tripping and falling due to their physical limitations brought about by aging or age-related illnesses. Reduce falling risk and create a safe living home space with these tips below.

  • Get rid of tripping hazards.
    Keep your home tidy with home care services in Oakland County, Michigan, like cleaning and vacuuming to clear the hallways and staircases. Remember to remove clutter like old newspapers, magazines, and rugs that are all over the place. Replace loose carpet and slippery rugs and repair dysfunctional lights as soon as possible.
  • Install handrails.
    Handrails and grab bars play a fundamental role in preventing risks at home; they help seniors in going up and down the stairs, getting on and off the toilet, and stepping in and out of the bathtub. Caregivers that provide personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan can assist with bathing and grooming, but installing handrails can help seniors go around the house freely and maintain their independence.
  • Give space for more lights.
    Good lighting improves visibility for seniors. They can go to the bathroom or the living room with better guidance from the light, especially at night. Watch out for narrow stairways and make sure to add bright light bulbs there. In home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan assists seniors in the morning, but it can be crucial for seniors to move around at night, so make sure you light the home right.

Are you looking for a home care agency in Southfield, Michigan? Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC offers services dedicated to assisting your senior loved ones at home! For more information about our services, you may call us at 248-262-7111.

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