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What is Caregiver Stress?

If you have decided to take the responsibility of taking care of your senior parents without needing professional help — whether it is out of love or out of obligation — then you must be prepared for the tough times that are up ahead. It certainly is commendable to see children taking care of their parents who are in the golden years of their life. However, although it is a noble act, it is not advisable that you take all the responsibility on your shoulder because you are predisposing yourself to caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout is a phenomenon that you shouldn’t take lightly because it can severely affect your well-being and will have negative repercussions on the kind of care that you are delivering to your loved ones.

Being the sole caregiver of your dear parents can predispose you to financial pressures, the need to face changes in family dynamics, and the necessity to hold on to keep the status quo intact because of external factors that are disrupting the wholeness of the family. When all these take a toll on you, and when you have not sought for Home Care Services in Oakland Counties Michigan, you are sure to experience caregiver burnout. Here are some signs of caregiver burnout or stress that you must be familiar about:

Frequent bouts of anger – your patience will be stretched beyond its elastic limit. And you will have one of too many episodes of frustrations and anger which you can’t help but displace to your parent.

Social withdrawal – because of your desire to take the role of being the sole carer of your parent, you’ll need to remove certain aspects of your life such as your social circles just so you can focus on your caregiving responsibilities.

Exhaustion – with all the demands of meeting the needs of your parents, coupled with the responsibility to meet your work, family, and personal issues, you will surely find yourself in the corner of your room. You can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausted with all the problems thrown at you.

Poor concentration – as you get busy with your care giving tasks, you will lose sight of certain aspects in your life. For instance, you might constantly miss the school appointments of your child or you may not be able to commit to the responsibilities expected of you.

Depression – this could be the most serious effect related to caregiving burnout. It is when all the challenges thrown your way have somehow dented your high spirit and it has affected your capacity to cope with the problems that you’re facing. In fact, you just don’t feel anything at all. You’ve lost your drive and goals in life. This is clearly the phase where you should be alarmed about. That’s why start seeking In Home Elderly Care Assistance in Southeast Michigan to help you in managing your parents’ care needs.

Caregiver burnout is a serious issue. Your resolve to be the source of comforting hands to your parents is a commendable act; however, you should not ignore the fact that from time to time you need to have respite in your care provision. You can start by tapping Heaven Sent Home Support Services, so you can also look after yourself. Remember that the quality of care you are rendering will be affected when you can’t even look after your own self. So, if ever you experience any of these stress while taking care of your senior parent, it is surely the high time to seek professional help from facilities that are offering care services so you can have a helping hand in meeting the needs and the well-being of your loved ones.

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