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Why Having 24-Hour Assistance Is a Must for Our Senior Loved Ones

Why Having 24-Hour Assistance Is a Must for Our Senior Loved Ones

Like you, we take the security and safety of the senior patients we care for in our home care agency in Southfield, Michigan at Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC seriously.

We understand that more than having age-related complications that prevent or make it difficult for them to move around and thus make them more vulnerable from fall risks, most homes are ordinarily not conducive for aging individuals. And while modifications can be made, these are usually limited.

That is why, when enlisting personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan, and other in-home private duty care in Southfield, Michigan, we advise our patients and their families to make sure that they find one that offers 24-hour care service.

Here are the specific benefits that come with enlisting a 24-hour care service:

  • Security
    Your senior loved ones are not helpless, but they can easily overestimate their strength and energy, which may result in them wandering outside, being lost, and getting into all sorts of trouble.
  • Safety from accidents
    Falls are not the only risks that you must keep your senior safe from, you also have to be mindful of toxic and flammable materials from getting into their hands.
  • Safeguard from missing appointments or medications
    Your seniors will most likely need to maintain certain things for their health. From their doctor appointments to adhering to their medication, a 24-hour care service along with other home care services in Oakland County, Michigan can make sure that they are able to stay on top of their routine.
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